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MDF Household
MDF Egg Hutch (Holds a dozen eggs)

All bits Cut from MDF and measuring (h)211mm x (w)230mm x (d)172mm, slots together (glue for extra strength), two shelves slide out and each one stores 6 eggs (1 dozen in total)
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Pack of 5 MDF Mini A Boards

Cut from 4mm MDF these cute little A boards are double sided, easy to assemble (use glue to attached the layers) and are ideal for place names, mini signs etc. paint, ink or paper. Pack of 5
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MDF Alarm Clock Style Clock

The MDF Kits builds a lovely large alarm clock style clock, stands 200mm high, includes all clock workings and battery. Looks great, glue required.
Quantity :
MDF The Big Shelf

Our Big Shelf is a great addition to the back of your desk, ample storage space and deep shelves to get everything on. Unit measures 575mm (w) x 512mm (h) x 150mm (d), cut from 6mm and 5mm MDF
Quantity :
MDF Mini Bird Cage

Our MDF Mini Bird Cage hangs from its stand and looks absolutely lovely, an ideal centre piece. Laser cut form 4mm MDF, easy to assemble and looks great. Glue Required. Stands 191mm High
Quantity :
MDF Cup Cake Stand

All bits Cut from 3mm MDF and measuring 460mm by 300mm, simply slots together, no glue required, three tiers.
Quantity :
MDF Grandfather Clock
Incl Workings, Battery, and Stencil

Cut from 6mm MDF and when assembled measures approx. 200mm(W) x 130mm(D) x 530mm(H) . Comes flat packed ready to be decorated,slots together. Makes a great cupboard, all workings and battery included
Quantity :
2 Sets of MDF Coasters with holders (Round and Square Set)

These coaster sets are ideal for turning into your own, each set (two included) includes 6 coasters and a holder, square and round set, all cut from 6mm MDF
Quantity :
MDF Cupboard

All bits Cut from 6mm MDF and measuring (h)361mm x (w)296mm x (d)106mm, simply slots together, glue required for extra strength, a great cupboard to decorate. For your craft room or gift or home ware
Quantity :
MDF Display Stands (Pack of 4)

These great little display stands (made from 3mm MDF) simply slot together and are great for displaying cards, signs, boards etc, from A6 upwards, a must for displaying your projects.
Quantity :
MDF Deluxe Grand Father Clock

Our Deluxe Grand Father style clock stands 92cm high, includes all workings and battery, plastic clock face cover, engraved face and everything to build a great clock, and cupboards. (Glue Required)
Quantity :
MDF Hanging Sign Mantel Clock
Includes Workings and Battery

This MDF hanging clock is a great kit that includes everything (including the battery) to make your very own hanging mantel clock. Stands approx 297mm high.
Quantity :
MDF Hanging Frame

This MDF hanging frame is a great kit, similar to our hanging clock although this kit as a two frames (if you have the clock then these are changeable) Stands approx. 297mm high. Glue Required
Quantity :
MDF Houses Diorama

MDF Houses Diorama, cut from 6mm MDF and stands 25cm high, 50cm wide and 7cm depth. A great decoration for the mantel or as a table center piece. Simply slots together.
Quantity :
MDF Lamp Post with Electronic Teelight

Laser cut from 4mm MDF this Victorian style lamppost stands 53cm high and is 15cm wide. Comes with an electronic teelight and battery including full instructions. Glue required to assemble.
Quantity :
MDF Market Cart

The MDF Market Cart is a great center piece, standing at 300mm x 280mm long and 100mm wide, cut from 4mm MDF and looks amazing with plenty of scope for decorating. Fixed Wheel Design.
Quantity :
Mini Crates Storage Unit and 9 Mini Crates

The Mini Crates Storage Unit is designed to fit the 9 mini crates in, one per pigeon hole. The mini crates themselves are ideal for storing small or larger items. 482mm (W) x 410mm (H) x 140mm (D)
Quantity :
MDF Mini Cupboard

All bits Cut from 6mm MDF and measuring (h)270mm x (w)150mm x (d)105mm, simply slots together, glue required for extra strength, a great cupboard to decorate. For your craft room, gift or home ware
Quantity :
MDF Mini Drawer Unit

Cut from 6mm MDF and when assembled measures approx. 170mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 327mm(H) . Comes flat packed ready to be decorated, body slots together. Glue required, Comes with two choices of handles.
Quantity :
MDF Mobile Kit (Pack of 2)

MDF Mobile Kits, Includes hangers to make two sets, as well as laser cut hearts, circles and stars (16 of each) all laser cut from 4mm MDF includes approx. 1.5mm of string.
Quantity :
MDF Notice Board Organiser

The MDF Notice board organiser includes a section for you to use blackboard paint, cork, ribbon etc. the other side has a 2 pen/tool pots and a letter section, 5 hooks and 2 hangers on back. 55 x 35cm
Quantity :
MDF Notice Board

Cut from 6mm MDF and when assembled measures approx. 300mm(W) x 420mm(H) x 99mm(D) . Comes flat packed ready to be decorated. Includes 4 key hooks and Shelf. Requires Glue (not supplied)
Quantity :
MDF Nesting Trays
Set of 2 Trays

Two heart handled MDF trays featuring slots in the bottom, these nest perfectly and are a great canvas for your designs. Large tray is approx A4 size. 4mm MDF glue required.
Quantity :
MDF Pallet Art Shelf Kit

The pallet art pieces are designed to allow you to assemble and use in your own way, 4 pieces measure approx. 12 by 12 and some are rough cut for that reclaimed look. 4 shelves (4 panels + 2 backs)\
Quantity :
MDF Perpetual Calendar

This MDF perpetual calendar cut from 6mm MDF, easy to assemble and looks great when decorated, glue required. Plenty of spares for other countdowns.
Quantity :
MDF Recipe Card Box

All bits Cut from 6mm MDF and measuring (h)209mm x (w)244mm x (d)150mm, slots together (glue for extra strength), includes 4 MDF index tab cards. Lid opens to hold recipe. Also store stamps/dies etc.
Quantity :
MDF Train and Carriages (Total lenfth over 60cm)

Our MDF Train and Carriages makes a great canter piece, decoration or simply a great craft project. Laser cut from 4mm MDF and easy to assemble with the step by step instructions. Glue Required.
Quantity :
MDF Tricycle

Wheels turn, handle bars steer, this is a great looking piece and the trailer section gives plenty of room for this to be a nice center piece on the table, or flower pot holder etc.
Quantity :
MDF Trinket Book

This Trinket Book/Box features a living hinge, meaning the MDF cover is cut from a single MDF piece and the design allows it bend, Book latches shut, cut from 4mm MDF
Quantity :
MDF Twisted Shelves

Our Twisted Shelves unit stands 2 foot high when assembled, and looks great, each shelf measures 170mm x 170mm with some accessed from the front, some from the side due to the twist in the design.
Quantity :

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