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Stamps Away Copyright Policy

All images and text (including product photographs and descriptions within our shop) are copyright Stamps Away. These are our interllectual property and in alot of cases a great deal of time and cost have gone into producing these. We ask you to fully read this copyright notice, in particular if you wish to use any information or images (including simply linking to it) that is contained within our website, online shop and any newsletter, email or documentation we send out.

Digital Watermarking

All images (including product photographs within our shop) are digitally watermarked, this allows us to embed information specific to Stamps Away within the image. This information, when decoded with the appropriate software will reveal our unique signature, and other copyright related information. Watermarks are unremovable and unalterable and are used to track the use of images outside of the Stamps Away website and online shop.

Use of our images or Text

Users who's Trade application has been accepted and who is able to purchase from this site, are freely allowed to use the images and descriptions as we will have stated in your acceptance email, in these instances however the image should be copied from our website, not linked to or 'sponged'.

The use of our images or text without prior written permission would be subject to a fee of £50 per each individual image or block of text. We class using our images or text as either lifting the information and saving on another system (both online and offline medias), or using an image directly by linking to our system (known as sponging). Normal html links to pages within our website are authorised as long as these link only to the webpage and not directly to an image, the only exceptions to this are linking directly to our popup information pages or placing links (of any type) on auction websites (e.g. Ebay) or websites where your aim is to sell a similar or related item and are using our images or text to assist in this.

We ask that you contact us prior to using any text or images within the Stamps Away website and online shop. Our information is often used under license for a nominal fee, prior written consent must be given before use. You need to contact us in writing, initially via email.

Applicable Charges

Images or information (website/product text) whether copied and used away from our servers or left on our servers and used elsewhere (known as sponging) will automatically be subject to a charge or £50 per item. This policy is available for everyone to see, either through our website (i.e. this page you are reading) or in writing available if you contact Stamps Away and forms part of our website usuage policy. We always persue the recovery of costs of our intellectual property when it's unlincensed use is detected. We only authorise the use of our interlectual property in writing, on headed paper and signed by a partner or senior member of staff.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure about this then please contact us (using the contact link above or at the bottom of the page) this way you will not incurr any unexpected costs.

copyright Stamps Away all rights reserved
Stamps Away Ltd, Company registratrion no. 07648708