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Frequently Asked Questions / Help

Why can I not see any prices?

Because you have not logged in, if you have registered for an account, AND we have accepted your application and notified you via email then you will need to login to Stamps Away each time you visit. As a trade only supplier our pricing is only available to trade customers, although anyone can access the site and browse the products then cannot see pricing information.

What payment methods do you accept

Our online catalogue and ordering uses Paypal, NoCHEX or Cheque payments, which means you are able to make payment using Debit or Credit Card. All card transactions are dealt with securely by Paypal or NoCHEX and when you make payment via their site you will see the padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser (and the web address will also start https). If you need to make a bank transfer then you can select Cheque payment and then contact us via email for the banking details.

What is your delivery time?

Current delivery times are shown after you login to your account, we endeavour to stick to the time specified and will notifty you if this will not be possible. Delivery times can be affected by workshops during our teaching times etc.

Do you have a paper based catalogue?

Currently we do not have a paper based catalogue, although there are plans for one in the near future.

Can I order via the telephone?

We cannot takes orders via the telephone as all our staff are normally tied up with teaching etc,. We ask that if you cannot order via the website then please send the order with a cheque or postal order to us and will process it. Remember we can only take debit or credit cards through the website, so if sending order by post please include a cheque or postal order.

I still have questions

If you still have unanswered questions then please contact us using the link at the top of the page, we will be happy to assist.

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